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  • 11/20/19--10:17: You Came Here to…..
  • “You are not here to find love, nor to be greeted by happiness at every turn, nor to be showered with kindness, nor to be celebrated by all, to forever remain a child. No. You came here to create love out of war. Your soul willingly left its blissful place beyond all troubles to descend […]

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  • 11/22/19--09:05: Reality Is…What?
  • The net of our thought can only grasp fragmented concepts about reality, but reality as such is always beyond its reach. So, the inadequacy of our conceptual maps for a full understanding of reality pushes us to make them more and more intricate, on the assumption that, once they become complex enough, then they will […]

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  • 11/24/19--13:50: Your Fidelity to Love
  • Your fidelity to love, that is all you need. No day will then match your strength. What was once a fear or problem will see you coming, and step aside, or run. Hafiz-A Year with Hafiz Related PostsAnd For No Reason…On Vocation…..The Sun Never SaysNever Be Less FurryTrading in Love’s Currency

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    Some have argued that marvels – those extraordinary events suggestive of religious miracles, and often disparaged with the term “woo-woo” – should not be part of the scientific discourse. Surely, the critics contend, such claims lay at the wrong end of the theist vs. atheist seesaw, so let’s have the professors of religious studies to […]

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  • 11/28/19--22:19: What should it be……
  • Now, the presumption here, for some of you, is you will not feel things. You will become an idea of your spiritual self. And that is not this teaching. This is not about becoming emotionless — far from it. It’s about not being reactive at a level of agreement that creates separation. You may cry, […]

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  • 11/29/19--10:02: The Word “spiritual”
  • The word “spiritual” includes all those whose deepest values lead them to challenge the ethos of selfishness and materialism that has led people into a frantic search for money and power and away from  a life that places love, kindness, generosity, peace, non violence, social justice, awe and wonder at the grandeur of creation, thanksgiving, […]

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  • 11/29/19--18:53: Appreciation and Blessing
  • Appreciation and blessing are one and the same.  We may sometimes say, “Let’s bless the food now,” or “Bless you,” or “May this house be blessed.” Actually we have no power to make anything more Holy than it already is.  Everything is already completely blessed, and all the prayers in the world could not make […]

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  • 11/30/19--09:29: This Surprising Truth
  • This I say from my dwelling place within your heart: Do not miss me in your focus at the world. I am the orange glow of dawn, sun the color of monk’s robes shining equally upon all beings. I am your frustration as you seek me and come up empty. I am the dusty web […]

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  • 12/02/19--11:44: Like a Hero Going Home
  • “So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service […]

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  • 12/04/19--09:07: The State of Grace
  • An interviewer asked singer-songwriter Leonard  Cohen if he needed to feel bothered and agitated in order to stimulate his creativity. Cohen said no. “When I get up in the morning,” he testified,  “My real concern is to discover whether I’m in a state of grace.” Surprised, the interviewer asked, “What do you mean by a […]